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Smart home systems


Smart home systems

  • We are building a vast network of smart home services.
  • OMO provides modern security and comfort technologies that are readily available to anyone with a smartphone.


Intelligent solar blinds

SolarGaps are the first smart solar blinds in the world that can automatically follow the sun and thus produce clean and renewable energy, while ensuring that shaded areas remain cool.

Innovative SolarGaps blinds are a product of the future, as they produce the necessary energy without pollution.

They are installed on the outside of buildings and offices, where they automatically follow the sun and provide active shading, while generating enough energy to significantly reduce the electricity bill.

Ventilation systems


Ventilation systems

  • Supply ventilation is designed to ensure the flow of fresh air into the room. Previously, natural ventilation was mainly used – due to the difference in air temperatures inside and outside, air exchange occurred. But such a ventilation system is too dependent on climatic conditions, and artificial ventilation carried out with the help of a fan, air heater, air ducts will always work.
  • Exhaust ventilation removes stale air from the room, allowing clean air to naturally enter it. It is advisable to install exhaust ventilation in kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, that is, not living quarters, but household premises. When designing industrial premises, the exhaust ventilation can be equipped with the design of industrial premises, then the exhaust ventilation can be equipped with an additional filtration filtration system.
  • General exchange ventilation is most often used today, because it provides for air intake, its removal and the inflow of fresh air masses.

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